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Firngrim introduces himself

Post by Firngrim » Thu Oct 24, 2019 6:42 am

Greetings survivors,

I am introducing myself that you know one or other thing about this weird guy with some half-god alike talents. :lol:

I'm from Germany 38years old guy and can lend you a helping hand on all servers if you have some problems that you cannot solve.
Usually I'm on at the eveningtime but you can still drop a PM or ask in Discord for someone else if not.

I play 7d2d since an alpha where I ignored the game for a while :lol: but after alpha 14 I got almost addicted to this game.
As you can see in my Steamprofile I have some hours in this game.

I have my own style but I learned from some other players the one or other thing.
My buildingstyle is more simple and mostly practical but sometimes I can build huge homes that need fast several 10k blocks.

I am playing with one steamfriend together. But usually I am mostly the solo survivor.
I am also open minded for a bigger group if the organisation is appropriate to the base size.

Other experience in Games with Forums etc.? (Just a shortcut. Only Online-Games. Otherwise I have to write some hours... :ugeek: )

Guild Wars for about 6 years very addicted active nearly from the beginning. Some can know me under ign Thorius Galbadius or my wife Mala Languna. We were active in the Forum from

Diablo 1-3 (4 years mostly 2nd Part), Ragnarok Online a year, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike.
All with a bit Online activity including Forums.

Well that should it be.

See you ingame Survivors :twisted: