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Mods list

Post by 8th » Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:39 am

Increased stacks size by 7stacks - Increases stack size of various items
8th custom zombies - Boss Giants, midgets and regular size zombies edited by 8th
8th dyes - More dyes by 8th
8th lootdaily - /daily command
8th supplies - Chest mod. But down chest and destroy to get youre reward
8th vibranium - Vibranium from marvel. Most needed resource in this server ^^
Ana_vehicle respawn - Respawn scrapped vehicles.
Custom blocks - Bedrock blocks for admins
Custom mats - Custom mats for players.
Vehicle extra seats - Truck can carry up to 4 players bikes up to 2 players. its fun :D
Blimp - Zeppelin aka Blimp is back!
Knockdown2 - Hit zombies in to k.o
RageZombies - Zombies will rage!
Horadric cube workstation - There u can craft most powerful items in game.
Infinity Stones - Collect them all and get ultimate power!
Kingsman - Custom tools/weapons/explosives/turrets.
Larger fuel tanks - Bigged fuel tanks for all vehicles.
S4 Healthcare - Premium first aids for players.
SAR Weapons - Custom weapons.
Miningtruck + Rain catcher - Collect resources/water.
Titanium blocks - Block that reupgrade when its low on health
Healing bedroll - Heals u up when u stand on bedroll