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Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 2:23 pm
by 8th
#1: This is PVE server, PVP damage is off but explosion damage might works on a player. Be carefull, NO PVP!

#2: No Cheating, exploiting or duping. Caught players will be completly whiped, jailed or banned.

#3: Dont destroy loot building POI's. Dont claim buildings POI's inside the city.

#3.1: Claim your stuff if you dont want to lose it. Claimed-zones are 100% protected against players. Attention!: Claims expire after 30 days offline

#3.2: A playerbase is free for everyone if the claim is expired BUT dont force it. Leave it if you find a active claim AND dont set a homepoint in it! Make sure bases are fully claimed if you dont want them looted.

#4: Dispute? Don't threat with a ban or an admin! If you have some problems with another player, contact to 8th or odynn.

#5: We are a PVE community, and wish to keep a friendly atmosphere for all players.

#6 In general chat(global) we use English. if you want to say something in your native language to a friend, a single line is allowed. but not complete conversations or walls of text. we encourage you to use discord, steam, or another software of your choise.

#7 Dont build massive deep/large tunnels/holes. Dont plant more than 10 trees on or near youre claim.

#8 Dont talk or spam other servers in our server chat and on discord!

Yours truly,